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The approval draft of the book "Living Clean: The Journey Continues" is now available.

The book has been in development since the adoption of the project plan at WSC 2008.

The vote regarding fellowship approval of the book will take place at the World Service Conference in April 2012.

The project plan for this book called for the text to be released for a one-year period in "approval form."

The book will appear as an addendum in the Conference Agenda Report and, as such, will be a part of old business at the WSC 2012.

Living Clean - Approval Draft

(Password: WSC2012)


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Group Readings:

These readings describe our meetings and the people who attend them.

"Who Is an Addict" 

"What Is the N.A. Program" 

"Why Are We Here" 

"How it Works" 

"Twelve Traditions" 

"Just for Today" 

"We Do Recover"